Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Kosher For Clothes - SALE

It has been a really good 2 years, but time is something that I no longer have much of due to having a 14 month old son and recently I have become the treasurer of a local charity.  All of this means that it is time to move on and so I have putting the domain name up for sale.  Please contact me on if you have any interest in purchasing the domain name.

The domain name "Kosher For Clothes" is up for sale.  It is perfect for a modest shop to use as it already gets over 100 hits per week and has the capacity for so much more.  It also has the catchy acronym KFC.  Contact me via email for more information and to show your interest.

Please note that the hosting site is currently down, but this does not effect the domian name.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Modest Swimwear

Let's bring this blog back to what it started with.  MODEST CLOTHES.  All that talk about migraines has now been moved to a home of its own here...

We have just introduced a brilliant idea in modest swimwear.  Not only is it modest, but it is stylish, convenient and protects you from those harmful UV rays as well.  Check it all out in our newly openned department:

I will be adding more lines very soon so keep checking the web site out.  We are importing these from America so the postage charged is slightly higher than we would usually charge.  But, looking around, it still gives you a fantasticly competitivly priced piece of clothing

We are always on the look-out for more great modest ideas, so drop me a line if you have any ideas.

Thursday, 13 January 2011


There are so many different types of alternative medicines that is can be difficult to decide which one to go for first.  It is also easy to forget that there is an alternative to the alternative.  Good old fashioned doctors.  So I made an appointment and went along.  They confirmed that I was suffering from migraines.  It was nice to have it confirmed after so many years of suffering exactly what the pain was and that I wasn't going to collapse at any minute.  Their first piece of advise was that I take over the counter drugs as these quite often work.  I had already worked my way through all of these from paracetamol, to nurofen, to sinus cures and none of them touched the pain.

The docs then introduced me to the world of triptans.  There are about 8 or so different triptans on the market and no way of telling which one will work for you.  This came as a bit of a surprise to me.  Surely the doctors would know how the drugs work and which one would be best for me?  But, no.  It is a case of simple trial and error.  So off I went on an unknown adventure into the world of triptans.

Triptan 1 - I can't remember the name of this triptan as I only took a few of them.  There was no change to the pain and no side effects.  This wasn't the best start, but I persevered.

Triptan 2 - Zolmitriptan (Zomig).  I wasn't expecting much.  After all the first triptan hardly set my world alight.  This triptan was different.  This triptan was evil (please note that this triptan does work for a lot of people so please don't let my experience put you off).  The effects were startling by their severity.  About 1/2 an hour after taking the tiny tinsy tablet my whole world ground to a halt.  My head started to spin, my vision was blurred, my movements were hampered like I was walking through treacle.  Somehow, I had just driven and parked outside of the Synagogue where I was learning that evening and luckily I was a bit early.  I lent my head back on my chair to try and clear the muggy feeling and half an hour later, woke up.  The worst of the pain had gone but my tongue felt furry and twice the size and the world was still slightly sluggish.  There was a stark similarity to a hangover.  There was even a slight sicky feeling.  Zomig had got rid of my migraine, so that's good.  But, the side effects were not overly desirable which was very bad.

3 - Rizatriptan (Maxalt).  Not perfect, but definitely the best yet.  You have to take a triptan as soon as the symptoms appear.  This is because a migraine will slow your metabolism so waiting too long means that the tablet would not be digested properly and thus might not be as effective.  It took me a while to get past the "it's just a small headache and the pain will go soon" stage.  Taking this route means missing the window of effectiveness for the triptan and it won't work.  But did Maxalt it work?  No and yes.  The no is because immediately after taking the tiny little tablet, the pain gets a lot worse as the stabbing pain in my head increases.  But within an hour, the pain has gone.

So I have found the miracle cure to my migraines.  Yay!  No longer will I have to suffer the pain and disruption in my life.  Sigh... If only it was a simple as that.  I will tell you why in my next blog entry.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

More posts coming soon.

Soz for the delay in posting more stuff.  We are now the proud parents of the new baby boy and time has just flown by over the last month.  The next blog post will be on more migraine attempted cures!

Friday, 19 March 2010

New ideas!

Lots of new stock is coming real soon.  Just keep an eye open for skirts, scarfs, tops and plenty more!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

All the old bits

We are having a clear out and a re-design of our web-site.  In doing this I am removing the blog page as it is getting a bit old now.  But rather than loose all of the information, I have decided to copy it here!

So, without further ado, here is all of the news from 31st March and 10th October 2009L

10th October 2009
We have made out first donation to charity from the Kosher For Clothes account.  I stated that 10% of all profit will go to charity.  Technically we haven't broken even yet and so haven't actually made any profit.  But, last month was a good month so I donated £110 of sales rather than profit to charity.  Hopefully this will be the first of many.

30th September 2009
Oh the excitement.  It is time for our first big sale!!!  Sale items are already flying out which fantastic.  There are some real bargains in the sale.  I really do need the space which is why I am clearing old stock at such low prices.

27th September 2009
Happy birthday to me!

24th September 2009
It's been a while since the last update.  So what's been happening in the last month?  Well, the Jewish Shopping Club advert was a modest success.  We are appearing again after Yom Kippur.  We have again advertised in EdgwareK and I love you guys cuz you love me!  On-line advertising is definitely the way to go as off-line ads just don't work.
We have set up our first wholesale deal with the local store Bel Harbour and the sales are very good.  You can pop in to the Bury Old Road store to see their wonderful array of stock and remember to tell them that we sent you there!
The Make-Up has been a bit of a flop.  We have some really good quality items for sale.  They are a little on the pricey side, but the quality is top notch and they will last for ages.  We might withdraw this offer if there is no further take up, so get in now before they all go!

18th August 2009
Time for another new advert.  Let's hope this one has a better response than the Hamodia.  The Jewish Shopping Club email mail-out.  Should be a good one!

5th August 2009
What a disappointment the Hamodia advert was.  It looked great, sat there on page 6, but we haven't received a single response from it!

26th July 2009
New Sleeve Extensions and Modest Neck Covers are NOW IN STOCK.  This is a real step forward for us.  Keep an eye open for our Hamodia advert which should feature in this weeks issue.

15th July 2009
Make-up by proto-col is now on-line and ready to order.  It is a great addition to the store and is a really quality product.  We have skin care, mineral foundation and more.

8th July 2009
We have just received the second pre-production version of the Sleeve Extensions and Modest Neck Covers.  We have tightened the sleeves to make them grip better and not slip.  We have lowered the back on the necks to make them ride up less.  All being well they will be ready next week and we will be launching them after TishB'Av.
We haven't forgotten about this new offer.  It is a brand new non-clothing product range.  We are aiming to get this on the site over the next few weeks with a view to launching this after Tish B'Av.

30 June 2009
We are close to finalising a new deal on Sleeve Extensions (ex sleevies) and Modest Neck Covers (ex teenecks).  We are working on improving the texture of the sleeve extensions to make them lighter, more comfortable and better fitting.

23 June 2009
After 4 adverts in the Manchester Jewish Advertiser it has proven not to really pay for itself.  The response is quite good, but the sales only just cover costs.  Edgware K proved a much better forum for us and we look forward to their new website coming any day now.  We are soon to launch an advertising campaign in the Hamodia Newspaper so keep an eye open for that!
Exciting times as we are looking to source a supplier to make our own brand of teenecks and sleevies.  They are expensive to import from Israel and we have some ideas to improve on the design!  As always, watch this space...

15 June 2009
I had no plans to add children's clothing to the site, but when I saw this offer I thought it too good to be true!  Check out the new department to see more.
Keep an eye open for a new exciting offer coming very soon.  I can't give anything away at the moment as we are still finalising the exclusive deal but it is going to be a good one!!!
Also, look out for the Kosher For Clothes Newsletter 2 coming to all good in-boxes any day now!  Contact us if you want to receive it.

09 June 2009
The idea was to offer Web Exclusive deals so we wouldn't have to stock so much here. But, the take up has been so good from the K article (07 June entry) that we have purchased more than we need.  This means that we actually have a lot more items in stock now.  This is especially true of the long sleeve t-shirts where we currently have 12 out of 18 colour and size combinations in stock!

07 June 2009
We are really excited to be a part of EdgwareK and ManchesterK.  We look forward to the launch and being a part of their new website in the near future.

22 May 2009
I have tweaked the logo to add the picture of the polo neck wearing lady and to reduce the size of the word "For".  It adds a bit of pizazz to the front page and I am really pleased with it.!

18 May 2009
See our new listing on Locally Manchester.  There should be more to follow soon.  I love the power of the internet.

17 May 2009
We have re-stocked and got ready for our next advert in the Manchester Jewish Advertiser.  We have lots more skirts in, in lots of different styles with more arriving every day!

01 May 2009
Another new idea directly from Kosher For Clothes.  We are now stocking TeeNecks and Sleevies!  They are a fab product at a superb price!  Check out the new department on the left for lots more information.

28 April 2009
There was a small fault with Google Checkout which should now have been resolved.  Please contact me immediately if you are encountering any problems with the checkout and I will arrange for an alternative method of payment to be used.

26 April 2009
Wow, what a response from the advert.  At one point, both Lisa and I were on the phone taking calls at the same time!  We had more people come to see our stock than we expected and we even sold a few items (after all, that's what it's all about).  We have already added new stock (long sleeved round neck T-Shirts) from your feedback and hope to add even more soon.  So let us know what you want and we will try our best to get it in for you.

24 April 2009
Google Checkout is now verified, so we can accept all major credit and debit cards.  Our first advert will appear in the Manchester Jewish Advertiser this Sunday.  It's only a 1/8 page, but from small beginnings...

23 April 2009
Some lovely plain polo neck tops have arrived.  The necks are not too high so they should be perfect for those chilly summer evenings.  The problem is that the missus has taken one of them already, which is always a good sign!

21 April 2009
The Email address account is at last up and running.  This means that I can sign up for the Google Checkout.  Once this is verified, it's full steam ahead!!!

17 April 2009
Our journey into Indian imports has sadly fallen on it's knees after being misquoted by a factor of 10!  Another lesson learned.  They are full of enthusiasm, answering emails within the hour, but sadly not the most reliable, at least not in this case.  This is a blessing in disguise as I can now concentrate on finding local suppliers.

02 April 2009
Sign up to our Facebook group "Kosher For Clothes" and keep informed when all new stock arrives.

31 March 2009
This site is still under construction so please be patient... The checkout hasn't been tested so please call me on 07932 221 220 or email on shop -at- if you want to place an order or if you want to arrange to see the stock. We are located in Prestwich, just off Park Road and Windsor Road.
Our first shipload of stock has arrived.  Most of it is fab and excactly what we ordered, but the sneeky suppliers have exchanged some items and sent us short sleaved tops.  Still, lesson learned, I will be more specific on orders from now on.

Please contact me on 07932 221 220 or if you require any further information about anything on this site.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

New Books now added

There is still a fault whereby 3 of the books that I have entered onto the site cannot be viewed.  But it was quiet today and I needed something to do, so I thought, ah what the heck, let's see if I can add some more.  And guess what?  It worked!

So now we are up to 11 books added to the site.
2 cookery books
2 historical books
3 spiritual books
4 books about Israel and the Middle East

I am still waiting back from my web hosting company to find out what happened to the missing 3, but at least they have made contact which is a positive thing!

Watch this space for more news...